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CVTC’s Volunteer Drivers provide “no-fee” transportation for people who do not have access to transportation because of age, ability, economic situation or other limiting circumstances. Our trip purposes include non-emergency medical & social service appointments, as well as trips to the grocery store and the pharmacy.

CVTC’s Protocol in Response to Covid-19 Virus in NH

To the extent that an outbreak of COVID-19 were to occur among our ridership and volunteers, CVTC will consult with the New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services" to determine if we should cancel providing rides for a period of time. Decisions around whether or not to implement this decision would be highly dependent on the epidemiology of COVID-19 in New Hampshire and would involve many considerations that balance potential benefits against potential harms.

CVTC cannot guarantee that the decision to cease providing rides would be entirely in our control, instead the decision would be in consultation with the NH state authorities. In the meantime, please follow the recommended precautions to minimize the risk of infection.

We serve 31 towns in the Monadnock Region:

map of service areas for the volunteer driver program team hannah - combines volunteer drivers, inclusiveness for developmentally disabledAlstead, Antrim, Bennington, Chesterfield, Dublin, Fitzwilliam, Francestown, Gilsum, Greenfield, Greenville, Hancock, Harrisville, Hinsdale, Jaffrey, Keene, Marlborough, Marlow, Nelson, New Ipswich, Peterborough, Richmond, Rindge, Roxbury, Sharon, Stoddard, Sullivan, Surry, Swanzey, Temple, Troy and Walpole.

Riders report that since getting rides through CVTC, they:

  • Feel less of a burden on family and friends—89%
  • Are able to remain independent—85%
  • Don't hesitate to make necessary medical or social services appointments-90%
  • Eat healthier meals-81%
  • Feel less anxious—79%
  • Are satisfied with CVTC’s services—91%

Our partners on the road are the Deluzio, Home Healthcare, Hospice and Community Services (HCS) and Merit Care.

Call toll free 1-877-428-2882, ext. 5 to register for rides or to find out how to become a Volunteer Driver.

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To learn more click here or call 1-877-428-2882, ext. 5

CVTC receives funding from:

Individuals, towns, businesses, the Federal Transit Administration through NH DOT; the NH Charitable Foundation’s A. Erland and Hazel N. Goyette Memorial Fund, Charlotte and Alpheus White Fund, Everett and Margaret H. Clement Family Fund, and Monadnock Challenge Fund; Bean Family Foundation; Roy A. Hunt Foundation; the Kingsbury Fund; Monadnock United Way.

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