young woman helping seniors with transportation

Volunteer Driver Networks - Team Hannah

We were honored recently to have been part of a film documentary called "Team Hannah."

This is the story of a team of volunteer drivers who include a young woman with developmental disabilities who wanted the chance to give back to her community. This film was made by a group of teens from Creating Positive Change, a substance abuse prevention coalition headed by Sam Lafortune, who also sits on the CVTC board.

These teens did such a professional job, their film has been shown at the Newburyport Film Festival, the NH Film Festival in Portsmouth, and has been submitted to the Sprout Film Festival at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. The local premiere took place on Sunday, October 25th, at the Peterborough Community Theatre, with standing room only. We've put the film on our website, so that you can see it, too.

The best thing about this film is the way these young filmmakers, known as the Positive Impact Media group, have captured the essence of CVTC, the fact that by creating a transportation system for everyone, we build social inclusion into the very fabric of our operation.

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Note: Rebecca Harris, is CVTC's founding Executive Director. She is now the Director at Transport New Hampshire in Concord, NH, a network of organizations and individuals working to create a balanced transportation infrastructure that better serves individuals and businesses throughout the state of New Hampshire. Ellen A. Avery is the current Executive Director of CVTC.

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