row of cars - carpool potential for everyone

Monadnock Rideshare, a Program of CVTC

Would you like to save money on transportation? The CVTC Monadnock Rideshare Program encompasses not only traditional carpooling to the workplace but also errand-pooling, school-pooling and event-pooling. If you and your neighbors post your grocery store trips and other errands, you can ride together and share the cost of gas. Similarly, parents can use the rideboard to form carpools for the school run, and friends can use the rideboard to arrange rides to concerts and ballgames. Check the rideboard to see if anyone is going your way and save 50% or more on gas.

To get started, click on Registration to create your user account, then you can post your rides on the Rideboard. Check the Rideboard frequently for new postings, and ask your friends and neighbors to post their trips. The more postings there are, the more we can all save on gas and pollution.

Click here for information on Policy, Safety, & Usage.

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